August 18, 2014

Can you believe it's been over four years?

Man--how time flies when you aren't updating your blog on a regular basis.

April 16, 2010

It's been over a year since I updated my blog.

Seriously. My last post was on March 19th, 2009. Carry on. Nothing to see here.

March 19, 2009

My love affair with Apple is back on!

Last Thursday, I wrote that MobileMe deleted all of my data when my account expired because I hadn't updated the credit-card information in my account. When I had contacted MobileMe support I was told that my data was gone forever and there was no way to restore it. I was quite distraught.

Well, I have good news to report! On Tuesday, Mike from MobileMe Support called me to say that they had been made aware that I was less than pleased to find all my data gone when I tried to renew my MobileMe subscription. He said that MobileMe engineers would be able to recover my data and that they would set me up with a temporary three day account so I could download and backup the data myself. Much relieved, I told Mike to go ahead and bill me for the full subscription. That's right, I'm a paying MobileMe customer once again.

After going through some account verification protocols for Mike to confirm that I was really the owner of the account, he had the MobileMe engineers begin restoring my data from "the vault." After the initial phone conversation, Mike and I coordinated the rest of my account restore over email. In the final email Mike made sure to remind me that "... this recovery was an exception to the MobileMe Terms of Service, which advise that MobileMe members are responsible for backing up their own data. Apple will not be able to offer future exceptions of this nature... To prevent data loss in the future, we strongly suggest that you back up your iDisk files regularly to your Mac, a flash drive, or other storage device. The more backups you have, the more protected you are. I urge you to back up this data right away." Needless to say I'm backing up my iDisk to my MacbookPro right now with rsync.

I'm very lucky this all has a happy ending. This situation isn't really unique to MobileMe and I can't blame them. They were, after all, simply following the ToS that I agreed to (but of course didn't read) when I signed-up seven years ago. Let this be a lesson to everyone to never keep only one copy of your data no matter how much you might trust that one copy--nobody's perfect. Hopefully my initial overblown reaction to this doesn't damage MobileMe or Apple's reputation in anyway. Of course without my overblown reaction I probably wouldn't have gotten my data back. ;-)

March 12, 2009

Apple, you've broken my heart. :`(

So I had been using Apple's iDisk service since back when it was the free iTools incarnation. When they switched it to .Mac back in 2002 and started charging for the service, I was happy to give them my credit card number to continue using the service. I have been a paying customer for nearly 7 years now. Well the credit card number I had given them expired, as they are apt to do after 7 years. I didn't realize this happened since I had long since switched to gmail as my primary email account. I have all my various email accounts funneling into my gmail account so I never noticed that I stopped getting my email. Well today I realized my (now MobileMe) subscription had lapsed when I tried to access my iDisk and it wouldn't mount. Apparently this is the first time I've tried to access it in a couple months. When I logged into it gave me an account "reactivation" page. So I dutifully filled my new credit card number and info. With my account reactivated--woohoo--I mounted my iDisk and then to my absolute horror found it completely empty. SEVEN YEARS OF DATA GONE!!!! That data on my iDisk pretty much only existed on my iDisk. Foolish me, I trusted Apple with the data I didn't trust my own harddrives to keep safe. After spending 20 minutes trying to figure out how to contact MobileMe support I finally found the "webchat with a support representative." Adrian (my support rep) chatted me that since my account was inactive for 30 days everything was deleted from their servers with no means whatsoever to restore it. No backups--nothing they can do. I'm SOL. Yes, thats SEVEN YEARS OF DATA GONE after only 30 days!! I paid them $99 a year for seven years, and because I didn't pay attention for just 30 days, they murdered all of my data. I wish Apple would have paid me a fraction of the loyalty I have paid them all these years. Apparently 3 iPods, 1 iPhone, 7 powerbooks/macbook pros (plus one more for my girlfriend's mother), 4 paid OS X upgrades, a handful of iPhone apps, and dozens of songs on the iTunes Music Store weren't good enough.

Upon searching my gmail inbox of 539 unread emails, I discovered that Apple did send me two emails letting me know that my credit card info was invalid. They contained the phrases "Please update your credit card information in your MobileMe Account to avoid interruption of service." and "If your account cannot be renewed, your access will be restricted to email only and will be turned off completely 15 days after expiration." I never would have equated "interruption of service" or "access will be restricted" to ZOMG ALL YER DATAS WILL BE GONE FOREVARZ!!!!!!!! I seriously can't believe it's gone. Even Blizzard doesn't delete your World of Warcraft characters when you cancel your subscription. Why? Because they know you'd never come back if they did. Needless to say I have canceled my newly reactivated account and will watch carefully to make sure they refund my money, or I guarantee you I will be calling Visa to block the charge.

September 22, 2008

This is the Year!

Update: Well since the MLB hates it's fans, they decided to remove the Cubs tribute video I had uploaded to YouTube for "copyright infringement." God damnit they suck.

Kate and I went camping this week in Wisconsin with some friends and missed most of the Cubs' central division clincher on Saturday. I did manage to pick up a staticy WGN, just in time to hear the last couple innings. But we were back in town on Sunday to be able to watch the second half of the last regular season home game. I don't care for the song choice, but I did otherwise love the tribute video that WGN did after the game. My second time through, I definitely started to tear up. This is a great time to be Cubs fan. I'm very proud of this team. This is such a better team than 2003 or even last year. Every player on the team has done superb. Every game, it seems like someone different is coming up with that clutch play that wins the game. It's not like the old days of relying on Sammy Sosa's homeruns to win games. Every player through out the entire lineup contributes, and it's a pure joy to watch them manufacture runs. I love the clip of Ted Lilly taking out Yadier Molina at home. Awesome!

May 01, 2008

Twitter Annoys Me

Penny Arcade does Twitter
Penny Arcade vs Twitter

This comic by Penny Arcade and the accompanying article pretty much sum up my feelings about Twitter. It is just too much information. The signal-to-noise ratio is just far to low for me to stand it. The frequency that people generaly update their status line in Facebook is just about right for me. Once every few days is often enough. Of course that is completely thrown off when people forward their twitter updates to their Facebook status line. It bothers me so. You people know who you are. Just stop it. If I wanted to know what flavor of jelly you are putting on your toast for breakfast, then I would subscribe to your Twitter stream. But I don't, so please don't make me.

April 28, 2008

Music News

Saves The Day, House of Blues, Chicago, April 25, 2008

I saw Saves The Day last Friday at House of Blues. They played many of my favorite songs. The setlist could easily be made into a best-of CD. It's also worthwhile to mention that I have set the goal to never see the band Set Your Goals ever again. They sucked royally.

This weekend I finally finished Run to the Hills on hard drums in Rock Band. This took me at least a couple weeks to finally pull off. I'm not especially proud of my accomplishment though. The problem with that song is that it feels less like I'm playing music and more like I'm just trying to figure out the minimum sequence of drum hits I need to make in order to avoid failing. I am glad it's over and I plan to never play that song again until I have to similarly beat it on expert. Afterwards, I then quickly beat Won't Get Fooled Again with four stars on the first try (which is awesome to play on drums) and completed the hard solo tour. Woohoo!

Run to the Hills, Hard Drums, Two Stars

December 16, 2007

Services for Mom

The wake for Mom will be from 3 - 9 pm on Monday, December 17, at Steuerle Funeral Home, located at 350 S. Ardmore Ave., Villa Park, IL 60181. There will be a short prayer service at about 7:30 pm during the wake.

In lieu of flowers please feel welcome to make a charitable donation to any of three charities: St. Alexander Parish Building for Tomorrow; Wellness House of Hinsdale, IL; or Colon Cancer Research. Building for Tomorrow is the Gathering Space building project for my mother's parish. The parish now owes approximately $700,000, and this is the first time the parish has had any debt. Building the Gathering Space and the church refurbishment have been very important to my parents. Wellness House, located in Hinsdale, IL is a large charitable cancer support organization and was very important to my mom during her cancer treatment. Colon Cancer Research is very important to my family for obvious reason.

There will be a small viewing in the St. Alexander Parish Gathering Space prior to the funeral mass from 9 - 10 am on Tuesday, December 18, 300 S. Cornell, Villa Park, IL 60181. The mass will begin at 10 am and last approximately one hour. Cemetery services will be at the Abraham Lincoln Veterans Cemetery near Joliet, IL at 2 pm. From Villa Park to the cemetery, the travel time is approximately 1 - 1 hour, 10 minutes. We will then return to the Villa Park area for a meal at Villa Nova Restaurant around 4 pm.

Mom, Riley, & Grace, April 2006

December 13, 2007

Olivia Natalie Baker

July 28, 1944 - December 13, 2007

Mom & Dad, Waimea Canyon, Kauai, March 2007

December 12, 2007

My Parents

My parents have been married 42 years and six months, today.

Christmas, 2004


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