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I am a Rock-Star

I updated the band page with some Pearl Jam mp3's from their second Boston show on their 1998 tour. This is a fabulous sounding bootleg. Almost as good as my recording of LBC at the Metro. ;-) So go there and download them. I saw the fabulous band Gooding last Tuesday who played after my buds Swizzle Tree at the Elbo Room. Had I known they were going to have such a fabulous performance, I would have recorded it. They definitely need to return to Chicago soon so I can get them on tape. Fabulous!! They were so awesome I bought their CD 3X at the show. I have never bought a CD at a show before. I talked to Gooding who is the leader of the band if it would be okay if I put some mp3s of the album on my website and he was all for it. Expect them soon in the Music section. Also I need to get some more mp3s of the Lucky Boys Metro show up as well. And I suppose some mp3s of their Last Fling show couldn't hurt either. As far as my Rock-Stardom goes, I received an email from nzaranti that reads: "Can I have your autograph? Do you have any old underware laying around? I can't stop thinking about you Paul!" It's always nice to hear from my fans. Just for you nzaranti, I signed the pair of underware that I wore when I went to the gym this afternoon, so I will be dropping them off in the mail for you on Monday. I hope this pleases you. I also got an email from Rain that reads: "Hey, what's up. I just picked up the One to the right MP3 off of the LBC web page. Excellent quality MP3 there man. I was wondering if you were planning on putting up the whole show on MP3 format." I will definitely be releasing more mp3s of that show and the Last Fling show to the Internet. After I confirm with the band if they would like the entire sets released or not, I will do as they wish. So that does it for this weekly edition of the happens in my Rock-Star life. You love me!


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