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that must have been some party

Got this in the mail tonight. Wow I must have been really wasted at Mary's party because I don't remember any of this. Didn't think I ever gave out my majordomo email address. But thank god JP remembered me and it's good to know Jerry is thinking of me after all these years. Too bad to hear about Willis though...

From: "Joseph Pugnalsi III" <jpugnalsi@frost.ws>
Date: Fri Feb 21, 2003 4:14:29 AM America/Chicago
To: <majordomo@paulbaker.net>
Subject: "Touching base"

To Bill Garbin,

Hello, this is Joseph Pugnalsi, haven't heard from you for a while, is this still the same e-mail address? Last time we talked was what.. Mary's party? I hope I got the address right! :-).. Jerry Brockheimer mentioned you might know something about estate handling and wills -- I've got a friend who is in dire need of assistance with his, he has been acting quite lagubrious (spelling?) lately. Things have been okay here. My contact information is still the same, or just contact me back at this e-mail address instead of calling me. Not even sure if this is the right guy, if it isn't, let me know.

Morgan Information Systems, Inc.


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heh, i got one of these too.

weird little spam to weed our majordomo installations i guess.

Yeah, just got that one today as well. Spam is getting...clever?

Same here.

I got one too. Tricky.

What really intrigues me most about this spam is that I can't figure out what the hell it's selling...

I got that too! So I searched for it on Google and came up with your site. Heh. Hello!

More than likely they were just fishing for the email addresses of the kind folk who were willing to respond (like I did) telling him that he had the wrong email address.

Clever way to gather valid email addresses...