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computing on thin ice

Well today completely sucked ass. Had a close call with my TiBook. Around 1 or 2 this afternoon, I was upgrading OmniGraffle by copying the new version into my Applications folder. At 28.1MB of 28.5MB copied, the copy operation decided to stall. Only "5 seconds remaining" it told me.

Well after 5 minutes I started to get a little pissed. Dock eventually froze and the only windows I had that weren't minimized or hidden were for Finder which was completely locked up too of course. So with a frozen Finder and a frozen Dock, and sshd turned off, you are pretty much screwed. You can't do anything.

Hit option-command-esc to bring up Force Quit window. It finally came up...ten minutes later. Meanwhile during all this my harddrive is making grinding noises quite pleasing to the ear. Took another 5 minutes for the Force Quit window to actually display anything though. Once it did I started quiting apps, but it didn't seem to make a difference. Trying to relaunch Finder did nothing. They really should put the Dock in there too.

But all that is moot since the real problem was that my drive decided to apparently just give up because it was tired. Well after 30 minutes of trying to see if I could recover without a reboot I gave up and did the three finger salute. I can't remember the last time I rebooted my mac. I guess it would have been the 10.2.4 upgrade a few weeks ago. So I started to freakout when after the ding all I got was a grey screen. The apple never showed up. What?! Panic! I haven't backed up my 7.22GB of mp3s anywhere!

A few more failed attempts at trying to reboot and I decided to break out the Jaguar install disc. Popped it in, boot, opened Disk Repair. Five minutes after clicking on the "44.71 GB IBM-" drive icon, Disk Repair finally responded and informed my that there was no data on my drive. No partitions, nothing! Fuck!

So I decided, well it seems to be pretty hot, how about I shut it off and let it cool down for 20 minutes. So I did. Booted back up with the Jaguar CD, and thank god Disk Repair now displayed my partition. Pfew. Ran Verify Disk on it. It found a "Invalid Available Sector Count. Should be 118356 (was 118234)" error or something like that. Yikes. Whatever that means. So than I ran Repair Disk. It took like 30 minutes although I wasn't really paying attention. One the Repair was done, I did a cold shutoff by holding down the power button. Booted back up in the Jaguar CD and ran Repair again. Took 30 minutes but found no errors. Rebooted into OS X.

Well long story short I'm typing this now from my TiBook so I guess things are okay. I of course immediately backedup all my mp3s to a Firewire drive. Everything else I have on here exists somewhere else. I guess I'll see how long before my drive flakes out again. Then it's time for a call to Apple.


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