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dave is breaking his own rules...

It looks to me like Dave Hyatt is talking about Safari in his not-supposed-to-be-about-safari blog. Shame on you Dave. Of course since the post is not about Safari in any technical sort of nature, I guess I'll let it slide this time.

I do know exactly where he is coming from with the fear of "brain are being overwritten" thing. I spend so much time at work trying to create the end all be all code library to handle everything from proximity searching to digital assets that I do believe my brain is being overwritten. I have the hardest time trying to go to sleep at night because my brain just will not shutoff. Even when I'm sitting in bed, my brain is still trying to code. I see code in my head. I'm constantly prototyping and implementing and re-implementing things in my head trying to find the best way to do something. I'll sit there in my bed for 5 hours trying to fall asleep. Of course by then I'm supposed to be up in a few hours to "go to work". As if I ever leave... Even when I'm not physically at work, I'm still at work.

And I do know my health is suffering. I caught a cold in November that still has yet to go away. What the fuck is that? I have had a cold for almost four months now. November just so happens to be the time when all this started...when I started to write Maytag International's DAM. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I love programming. I'm just afraid what it's doing to me.


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Whoops...I linked to the wrong entry in Dave's blog initially. It's fixed now.