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the first strike

As promised here are the sound bites I captured from the live Baghdad streams. Times below are in Baghdad time (AST) which is 3 hours ahead of GMT.
  • circa 4:40 am - Chanting begins over loudspeakers in Baghdad. It continues until 4:46 am. [mp3]
  • 5:33 am - Air raid sirens sound over Baghdad. [mp3]
  • 5:41 am - Eight minutes after the sirens have sounded, the first strike on Baghdad begins. This was a surgical strike aimed at "targets of opportunity" including what was believed to be Saddam Hussein himself. Note that the first 40 seconds of the audio, are the first 40 seconds. At that point the feed was lost and picked back up some less than four minutes later with the raid just concluding, which makes up the last 3 minutes of the audio. [mp3]
That's it for now.


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