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some people just don't try

I went to the Sports Authority in Arlington Heights on my lunch hour to check out their inline skates. They have a much larger selection than Sportmart. Unfortunately, I still didn't find a pair that fit me just right. They feel either too big, or they hurt my right foot. It feels like it's being squeezed. I think I must have wide feet or something. I was trying on pairs of skates for over 40 minutes and not once did anyone come up and ask if I was finding everything ok or anything. Nothing. Not that they could really help me since I tried on virtually every pair and didn't find anything that fit, but it would have been nice to at least have been checked on. On my way home from work I went to the Sports Authority in Downers Grove. They seemingly had a larger selection, but only one pair close to fitting. They felt tight enough in the ankles and they didn't cause my right foot to hurt. So obviously instead they hurt my left foot. I was there for probably about 40 minutes and again no one came up to me. What the hell are they doing over at the Sports Authority? I spent practically a combined hour and a half in their stores and not once did a sales person every try to help me. It's not like they were busy...I saw a bunch of them walking around. I don't know. Maybe I smell bad or something. Quite a contrast from Sportmart where the sales guy wouldn't leave me alone on Sunday...too bad their selection was total crap. Well Galyans get's their new stock in tomorrow, so I guess I'll check it out and see if they got anything that fits. I ought to check out the Skate Shop in Westmont too. A local shop specializing in skates might be my best bet.

Well it's time to watch Six Feet Under on my ReplayTV. I can't wait!


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