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i'm circling problem purchases on the visa bill

Went to Max Madsen to purchase an extended warranty for my Eclipse. Extended it to 100,000 miles or 5 years with $0 deductible which depleted $1325 from my checking account.

On my way home from work I caught up to an unmarked Crown Victoria with Illinois Sherrif plates on 294. He was going 70 mph and I kept my distance and never got closer than 50 feet. Eventually an Infiniti full of teenagers (btw...how the fuck do teenagers get to drive Infinities?) drove by us at probably 75 mph. I doubt he was going faster than that. I had a train of people behind me not willing to pass but for some reason this chick decided she had the balls to do it. The cop let her go ahead of him for about 2 minutes before he changed lanes behind her and then got right up behind her. Another 2 minutes and then on went the lights. What a dumbass. I was glad though because now I was free to go my usual 95.

Stopped by Galyans tonight. Their new shipment of skates was far from impressive. Didn't really add much to the stock and they still had no Salomons in size 11. I'm beginning to think there is no size 11. I can't think of any rhyme or reason behind it but maybe they only make 10 1/2 and 11 1/2. I guess I'm off to the Skate Shack in Downers Grove afterall. If I don't find something there better, I'm probably going to get a pair of Rollerblade Evo 8 from Sports Authority.


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