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this is why i don't play the stock market

So I just bought 20 more shares of Lawrence Lessig's blog on BlogShares and then subsequently watched the the price drop 2 points. ACK! What's even worse is that I already had 20 shares that had already dropped 2 points from what I bought them at. Yeah so I've now lost $100 of the $500 you start out with. I suck. I suck a lot.


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Two comments:

1) Like the real stock market, it's not about who's best -- it's about who's mostly likely to gain (in profits, pageviews, whaterver), relative to current estimates.

2) Like the real stock market, it's about maximizing long-term return. What are you, some kinda day trader? ;)

In reponse to 2, since BlogShares has only been around for 14 days, I think everyone is a day trader at the moment. :-)