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the new ipod

I have a 20GB iPod that is just over half full with over 1,800 songs. I love my iPod. I have it hooked up to my receiver at home and use that as the primary supplier of music to my stereo. I bought it last September when Jaguar was released and anything else you bought along with it was 10% off. When the new iPods came out a made a trip to the Oakbrook Apple Store with no intention of buying one. And when I got there my intentions were not changed. I really have to agree with Michael Prager of the Boston Globe (archived) on this. Checking out the new models they are definitely smaller and lighter. Amazingly lighter when you hold it in your hand that it baffles the mind. But I have to say I don't like the new touch buttons. They are too sensitive when you don't want to push them and they seemed to be not sensitive enough when I actually wanted to push them. Trying to play the little solitaire game seemed more difficult than it should have been trying to use the touch buttons. That coupled with the decreased battery life pretty much keeps me from even contemplating making an upgrade to a newer model iPod. Especially the battery life issue. What is the point of having a device that can hold two weeks of continuous music if you can only play eight hours of it at once.