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iTunes song frequency

So I have a playlist in iTunes called Good Mix. I had it configured to play all songs rated at three stars or above and to randomly choose 25 songs that had not been played in 6 weeks. Well today it finally ran out of songs. Setting it to five weeks only gives me another 5 hours of music, which if I don't finish today I will probably finish some time tomorrow. If you figure a 40 hour work week (which of course mine is longer than that, but I'm not necessarily listening to iTunes that whole time), I need to choose a setting that gives me 40 hours of music for me to suck up a week. To do this I had to set the limit to two weeks which gives me almost exactly 40 hours of music. What does this mean? This means on average it takes me three weeks to listen to the 1636 songs rated three stars or above. So if I actually had 7500 songs that the new iPod 30GB apparently can store, it would take me about 14 weeks by my bad math before I would hear the same song again. I don't know what this means.