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the FIRST get up kids song you ever heard

I made the following post to this thread on The Get Up Kids message board and it's just so relevant I had to duplicate it here as well. Argh! I'm so pissed at the RIAA. Who knows what other music I may have been introduced to if they didn't 187 Napster.

Back in the Napster days, near the end when they introduced that Featured Artists section or whatever it was called, The Get Up Kids were listed on it for the song Ten Minutes. So I downloaded it and I have been in love ever since!! Since then I have bought every single TGUK album/ep/split to release on CD, some of them more than once (long stories). I have also bought many on vinyl even though I already own the CD version. I have gone to every TGUK show in the Chicago area since (the Vagrant America tour will never be beaten) and I've laid out cash for countless t-shirts at the shows and off of BCD. My love for TGUK has lead to purchasing all the New Ams and Reggie CDs along with shirts as well. I saw New Ams at the Abbey Pub a few weeks ago, and I have tickets for Reggie at House of Blues this Saturday. All told I wouldn't doubt if I have spent over $300 on TGUK and company alone. Compliment that with further money spent on CDs/Vinyl/Shirts/Concerts from bands that have toured with The Get Up Kids such as Hot Rod Circuit, Saves the Day, Dashboard Confessional, Alkaline Trio, etc. All told, I may have spent well over $700 all stemming from the cycle of events kicked off from that one download off of Napster. I wonder how my story fits into the RIAA's file-sharing is destroying music theory.