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that was all?

Christina Aguilera is WhoraliciousSo I'm finally getting around to watching the VMAs on my ReplayTV. All this time I've been hearing about the kiss between Madonna and Brittany Spears and now I finally got to see it. All I have to say is, that's it? They barely kissed. I was surprised to see them actually singing during the opening performance instead of lip-syncing. I was impressed.

Having said that though, omigod what I wouldn't do to Christina Aguilera if only she'd let me. She is a total whore but damn do I want some of dat.

Also, I hate Nelly. I just want to kick his ass. Anyone that wears a band aid on their face for months and months just really needs to have their ass kicked to oblivion. I hate 50 Cent too. Basically yeah I pretty much can't stand any and all rappers. I do like Snoop though. He cracks me up.

Props to AFI for winning the MTV2 award. With Dashboard winning it last year, it's safe to say that the MTV2 award is MTV's one and only nod to actual good music while all the rest of the awards are just meant to float the RIAA's overly inflated ego.

I would also add that I am seriously tired of Coldplay. Which is especially lame when you take into perspective that I try even harder to avoid them than 50 Cent.

Further loss of respect for 50 Cent. He's fucking lip-syncing his performance. That is just so lame. It's fuckers like this that are ruining music today. Really fuck. If you can't fucking sing, PICK A NEW FUCKING JOB! God damnit it pisses me off. You should not be winning awards when you can't even fucking sing one damn song live. And shit...rap is hardly even singing. You are basically just speaking. He can't even get that right? Christ even Brittany, Christina, and Madonna had the respect to sing their song this time.