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sony ericsson K700i

So I bought a new phone on Friday. Anyone that knows me knows that I have been without a cell phone for over a month. The story of how I lost it is really quite lame. I'm pretty sure I lost it at Skippers which is this greasy place across from the Pita Inn by work. Anyway it was an otherwise pretty good day. I was enjoying a gyro. On the way out the door from the place I casually slide all the garbage off my tray into the trash bin. As I did this I went, "aww crap I just threw away my red basket!" You know those red baskets you always get at fast food places when you get a gyro or hot dogs or something. The red baskets where there is always a sign above the trash cans saying, "don't throw away baskets." Anyway I threw mine away by accident. Then later that evening I went to make a call on my cell phone and to my surprise I did not find it in my pocket. Ding dong! I never managed to find it any where I looked, which was everywhere. So the only conclusion is that the red basket took revenge by pulling my T68 in with it. I'm such a doodoohead.

Skip ahead a month and I finally got off my ass and stopped by the World of Wireless store on the corner of Lincoln and Altgeld which is like a block from my house. I took the day off from work to go golfing with my dad and sister, but that was in the morning so I had the whole afternoon free and it seemed like a good thing to do. Anyway, WoW has a little paper sign in the window saying they get all the best unlocked GSM phones in town so it seemed hopeful that I would be able to get the T637 I've had my eye on, but was only available from AT&T. So I stopped in asking for that and he said he was out but he was going to be picking some up later that night. We got to talking some more and he mentioned the K700i. He said he just got them in two weeks ago and I had to see it, as the screen was just amazing. And let me tell you it is! So I bought it. It does everything under the bloody sun. It's very 1337. And this also brings me up-to-date with the times as I now have a camera phone. Which brings us to the picture of the penguin you see here. This is the picture I took on my way home from the grocery today. I had the phone email it to me and it was in my inbox before I got to my door, which was only a block away from where I took the picture--OH SHIT! I just realized I forgot to put the hotdogs and O.J. in the fridge. Be right back!--Okay I'm back now. Anyway yeah...took a picture of this pigeon that tried to corner me by the mechanics on the corner. Alright I think I'm going to try to start taking a picture of something every day and then I'll blog about it. Sounds like a lot of phone. I mean fun. Whoa my brain is stupid.

P.S. Thanks to Liz for pointing out all the typos and grammatical errors in this post.


evil pigeon's must pay the ultimate price!!!