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love when hdtv rewards me

My Niece + ChocolateThat's right. U2: Rattle & Hum just started on INHD as I type this. So awesome. I miss the old U2. Why did they have to turn all sucky. Such a shame.

Anyway, the picture to the left is of my niece eating chocolate ice cream. So cute.


You gotta keep me informed....it has been a seriously slow day here and I decided to read your blog. I have no idea who anyone is so it reads kind of like the movie Kicking and Screaming. Anyway, email me. I know I had your email but my computer crashed.

Oh yeah you can email me at spookychar@hotmail.com

GO Cubs!

Hey Paul, im using Warsync, damn fucking good.. but the website in debian.org is offline.. any clue?

Cya cheers..