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mass ip-banning

Well my efforts have done little so far stop the trackback spam on the posts I have not disabled pings on. Sigh. There were 23 new trackback spams so far today. Fortunately for my sanity I crafted a nice little SQL statement for mass-banning all the trackback IPs:
    INSERT INTO mt_ipbanlist
    (ipbanlist_blog_id, ipbanlist_ip, ipbanlist_created_on, ipbanlist_modified_on)
    SELECT 1, tbping_ip, NOW(), NOW() FROM mt_tbping
So I just run that, then empty the mt_tbping table, and rebuild the site. You may be saying to yourself, "but Paul, that would delete all trackbacks including legit ones!" And to that I say, that's fine because so far I haven't had a single legit trackback. Like I said earlier, no one reads this site...except apparently spiders run by spammers. I guess I'll just have to keep repeating this endless cycle until I've banned every single hacked winblows box. Or until I upgrade to MT 3.x which allows me to moderate trackbacks etc.


i read it. boo. you just have to remind me too.