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Gillian Chung sure is cute

So I'm watching the Vampire Effect and I'm thinking that Kirsten Dunst does the voice over for Gypsy (Gillian Chung). I tried google'ing to find out the answer but came up short. Anyone know?


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Yes, and she has a fan club growing in Nigerian, Cote-d'Ivoire where 419 scammers love her at first sight. There is one 419 scammers ask her for marriage! It is all true...

i saw her most attractive in the twins effect!
i love her smile :D

Why didnt Edison kiss Gillian in the movie Vampire Effect 11(2)

i think Edison and gillian Makes a good couple...they look so cute together...

i m super fan of GILLIAN CHUNG. i love her, specially her smile. how is she cute? i want to meet her. anybody can tell me??????????????

Goooodd Site

I love every part of Gillian Chung!! She is the most beautiful woman in this universe!!

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