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New Era @ FeedBurner ;-)

Yesterday was my first day at FeedBurner. Let me know if you want stickers. So far so good. Got my new powerbook set up. The new screen rez is sweeeeet. I also took it upon myself to go ahead and burn my blog. Not much else going on. Finally got my whole toliet overflowing problem fixed... for the time being anyway. There are likely some major problems with the main-line. It's now mainly in the hands of the condo association though. They need to have a plumber cam it (run a camera through the pipes) to find the exact problem and will most likely have to tear up the concrete outside my door and replace 3 more sections of the main-line. Good times indeed!


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Do you work for FB now?


I hadn't realized you were leaving W2GI. Good luck to you there.

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