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Please excuse our dust...

Action Hotdog Go!Well I finally upgraded to Moveable-Type 3.2. I was still running the very old 2.661 version from like a billion years ago. The main catalyst behind this move was to get my self better acquainted with MT3.2 for an upcoming project I'll be working on at FeedBurner. But the real reason I've been gearing up for it and the best reason is to finally shake away my old RSS 0.91 feed and replace it with something respectable. Yay! Finally there is formatting and links and pictures and more doo-da la-la-la-la laaaaa la-la-la-la! in my feed. Now it actually warrants being burned. I'm not happy with the new color scheme, but then again my old look was utter crap too. And I'm not really any kind of a designer so I guess I'm stuck with it unless someone out there wants to volunteer to make it awesomer.


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