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I be slackin'

As I sit here at the co-lo waiting for one of our database servers to sync so we can put it into the cluster I realize it's been a long time since I posted. So here I am posting. I'm up to $18.75 for my Lent 25 cents per swear word thing. That means I've said a bad word let's see 18 divided by 4 that's umm... uhh... what the hell is that? Wait that's not right. It should be 18 times 4. That's umm 40 plus 32 and another 3 for the 75 cents. Yup, 75 swear words. Or curse words if that's how you say it. Kinda like I say coke but some people say soda or pop. Let's see what else is going on with me... Illini won last night that was good. Sopranos was awesome last Sunday. Just awesome. I can't wait for this Sunday. I thought Big Love was decent enough for me to watch it again on Sunday. OMG as I write this, my partner in crime over at FeedBurner who is also at the co-lo but at a different cage just said: "Because, its like an explosion of heavy jewish nerds back here." HAHAHA!!! Don't get me wrong, I love Jews. I dated one once even. But I was back there so I know what he's talking about and it's just funny. And as he said just after, "(I only say that because it adds comedy, and because I see the are all wearing Yarmulkes)" We aren't racist I swear. Or is that religionist? I never understood that. I grew up my whole life thinking Jewishinity was just another religion. And then at some point it became a race too. Perhaps it always was a race? I don't really get it. Can't we all just get along? See doesn't that make me not racist? You know what's funny? I said above, "what else is happening in my life" and then I talked about TV and Sports. Not actually anything *I* am doing. Hrmmph. Oh I know! I made Knight-Champion (Rank 9) in World of Warcraft this week. How about that?! Gawd I'm a dork.


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