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Updated: Randolph Street Bridge

Some poor soul apparently jumped or fell into the Chicago river near the Randolph Street bridge this morning. As I was walking on Wacker from the MM Brownline stop towards Randolph a series of fire trucks went racing by and turned the corner at Randolph. Five minutes later when I got up there, I saw that the trucks had stopped right there. Then I saw the crowd looking over the edge on the bridge. I stayed to watch for ten minutes and snapped a few pics with my camera phone. I never saw who was in the water so they must have been submerged for at least fifteen minutes. Just before I left they finally got the diver into the water. I had to take off and get to work so I never got to see the diver come up or the conclusion of what is likely a tragic tale...

Update! According to NBC5.com it was a suicide attempt. From the article:

A man was taken to an area hospital in serious condition Thursday morning after divers from the Chicago Fire Department rescued him from the Chicago River in the Loop where he jumped, reportedly in a suicide attempt.

Rescue workers responded at 8:46 a.m. after the man jumped in the river near Randolph Street and Wacker Drive, said Fire Media spokesman Josh Dennis.

The man was pulled out of the water and was on his way to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in serious to critical condition as of 9:45 a.m., Dennis said, adding it may have been an attempted suicide.

"He pulled his car over there, called his girlfriend and then jumped," according to Central District Sgt. Charles Popielarz.

And now the pictures I took with my camera phone:

Chicago Fire Department on the scene.

The "Mayer Daley River Cleanup Crew" taking their sweet time.

Chicago Police show up, fashionably late as usual.

Diver's almost ready to jump in.

Look out fo tha choppa!

Diver jumps in the water.

Diver submerges and all you see are bubbles.


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