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TV Better Than Friends?

Every so often someone says something that so perfectly captures what you knew in your head but never before had the words to describe it. On the Adam Carolla show this morning (which I can't listen to in Chicago, but can read about every day thanks to The Adam Carolla Radio Show Blog) such a moment occurred. Adam said that, "relationships fail because people spend too much time together. The world is filled with narcissists who think they have something more interesting to provide than the television. The folks on the TV are professional entertainers, so why leave the house?" While I don't think people shouldn't leave the house, the point is, my favorite shows such as Six Feet Under or South Park or Sopranos are just about the most entertaining things I know. If I had a choice between having friends over to watch the new episode of 24 or yet another night drinking at the bar, I'd choose TV hands down. Not to mention it'd be hella cheaper. But alas watching TV is still generally viewed as "anti-social" while consuming alcohol in poorly lit environments with music too loud to carry on any semblance of a conversation is not. Don't get me wrong, I love to drink. Some people might even call me a beer snob. But drinking has never been the first thing to come to mind when I'm thinking of something fun to do.


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hey...pearl jam? can't go 5/16...i can go 5/17. let's do it

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