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How do smokers do it?

NINE FUCKING DEGREES!!!I seriously don't know how smokers do it. Every single day as I walk from the Merchandise Mart Brown Line stop to my office on Randolph, there are always smokers outside MM. When I get to our building there are always at least three of them outside the door smoking, all day long. As I was walking in today, from my view of the smokers as I walked up the sidewalk, just over their heads was the sign from the end of the block reading -12 C. That is negative twelve people! I didn't know exactly what that was at the time in Fahrenheit but it's gotta be fucking cold. I tell you what, if it was me I would figure out how to quit that habit pretty damn fast. Heck, if supermodels were outside my office right now giving away free sex I wouldn't do it. It's so damn cold outside. No way in hell I would be out there sucking down cancer sticks.


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