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Third Time's a Charm?

My Shattered Window, April 12, 2007

Well for the second night in a row and the third time in nearly a month, someone has smashed in one of my car windows. Just like last night, it was my driver-side window. Unlike last night, it doesn't even look like they made any attempt at all to get in my car. Initially when I found the car, the window was almost completely intact but shattered. There was just a hole near the side mirror where you could reach the handle. My door was locked so if they got in, they would have had to open it from the inside. But when I tried to do it, the middle section of the window, that is missing in the photo, fell down. So my guess is they didn't even try to get into my car or anything. They literally just broke the window and took off. Or perhaps my brand new window shattered all by itself? Can that happen? Could I have had a botched window replacement? Anyway, the same company that fixed it yesterday is on there way here to do it again today. I'll let you know how it goes.


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