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September 24, 2000

I am a Rock-Star

I updated the band page with some Pearl Jam mp3's from their second Boston show on their 1998 tour. This is a fabulous sounding bootleg. Almost as good as my recording of LBC at the Metro. ;-) So go there and download them. I saw the fabulous band Gooding last Tuesday who played after my buds Swizzle Tree at the Elbo Room. Had I known they were going to have such a fabulous performance, I would have recorded it. They definitely need to return to Chicago soon so I can get them on tape. Fabulous!! They were so awesome I bought their CD 3X at the show. I have never bought a CD at a show before. I talked to Gooding who is the leader of the band if it would be okay if I put some mp3s of the album on my website and he was all for it. Expect them soon in the Music section. Also I need to get some more mp3s of the Lucky Boys Metro show up as well. And I suppose some mp3s of their Last Fling show couldn't hurt either. As far as my Rock-Stardom goes, I received an email from nzaranti that reads: "Can I have your autograph? Do you have any old underware laying around? I can't stop thinking about you Paul!" It's always nice to hear from my fans. Just for you nzaranti, I signed the pair of underware that I wore when I went to the gym this afternoon, so I will be dropping them off in the mail for you on Monday. I hope this pleases you. I also got an email from Rain that reads: "Hey, what's up. I just picked up the One to the right MP3 off of the LBC web page. Excellent quality MP3 there man. I was wondering if you were planning on putting up the whole show on MP3 format." I will definitely be releasing more mp3s of that show and the Last Fling show to the Internet. After I confirm with the band if they would like the entire sets released or not, I will do as they wish. So that does it for this weekly edition of the happens in my Rock-Star life. You love me!

September 17, 2000

You love me!

According to my best friend Savannah, I am a total famous Rock-Star. But Paul, how did you get to be so famous? That's easy! In the September 15th edition of the news for Lucky Boys Confusion written by world class rock-star guitar player Adam Krier, I was mentioned. FAME! For posterity sake, I will quote it here: "Also some live songs from Metro and Last Fling courtesy of Paul." Total fame! In other news, this website was created tonight to celebrate my raise to fame and stardom. You love me!