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barely able to keep my head above water

Was on Vagrant Records website tonight and saw that Dashboard Confessional is playing at Congress Theater on Saturday. Holy shit! How did that slip under my nose? Thankfully there were still tickets available so I snagged two. Just need to find someone to go with now. Best of all Hot Rod Circuit is playing too. I can't wait!!

Even before that though is my brother's show at the Rock House Cafe in Rolling Meadows on Friday night. His band is called Donner's Surprise Party. Hehe. They go on around 10 I think. Can't wait! This is my brother's first gig since Stuck On Chelsea broke up in 1995. It's also the first time I will get to see him play live since I saw No Clue playing in the Battle of the Bands at DePaul over a decade ago.


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