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Overlapping Extent Allocation

Today I went through the joy of reinstalling everything on my TiBook. For the last several days, there has been a problem with the disk on my laptop where I would receive about 20 "Overlapping Extent Allocation" errors or something like that. No matter how many times I ran fsck they never went away. I then resorted to booting into OS 9 and put Disk First Aid to work on it. Same errors never went away even after running it 4 times. DFA also showed a failed Header check error or something like that. So I decided to wipe the drive and reinstall.

I kinda wanted to do this anyway. Previously I had a separate 3GB partition that had OS 9 installed on it and then the rest of the drive was a second partition for OS X. Well this time I made only one disk partition. I was also able to do a fresh install of Jaguar (on top of 9.2.2) instead of upgrading from 10.1.5 so maybe this will fix any stability issues I was having before?

I doubt it. After the os install was complete and I was putting my apps back on, I had a very weird thing happen. I had Mail.app running syncing with my IMAPS server (over 1.8GB of mail), iChat, AddressBook paired to my T68 over Bluetooth, Mozilla, and iTunes (6.76GB library) running. I was mounting the iSyncBeta disk image and it was running through the checksum when just out of the blue every single app crashed including Finder. Finder restarted itself and I was left stairing at the desktop. Uhhhh... I've never seen that before ever. So I rebooted and continued putting stuff on.

What's left to go? Haven't installed X yet. Saving that for tomorrow. GnuPG 1.2.0 came out not too long ago. The MacGPG site says they are waiting for 1.2.1, so I'm going to wait for that instead installing 1.0.7 now and upgrading later. GPGMail will go on after that.