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Well I didn't make it to the Foo Fighters concert, but I did make it to see Dashboard Confessional at Congress Theater. I had never been to CT before. Why it's called the Congress Theater, yet it's on Milwaukee instead of Congress I'll never quite understand. Anyway the sound pretty much sucked. It's fairly large venue. Larger than the Riv. I'd say at least twice, maybe three times as big. The sound was terrible. It was way to loud. As much as I like to see Dashboard Confessional make it big, I don't like the side effects. One being the large venue. The last time I saw him it was at House of Blues (my second favorite place to see a show, Metro is #1). This show just wasn't as good compared to there. The other side effect are the stupid dumbasses that attend the concerts now. There was this group of like six 17-year olds drinking RedBull after RedBull while chain-smoking their youth away. They were dancing to the music like they were in a rap video or something. Picture how Eminem dances...that was them. I seriously wanted to push them off the balcony.

After the show, Hot Rod Circuit was hanging out by the merchandise, so I bought the album on vinyl and had it signed by all of them. sweeet!