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Bill Maher's head

I'm watching Bill Maher's new show on HBO right now. It's being replayed from it's original broadcast last Friday. Is it just me or does his head seem to be proportionately too large for his body? I don't mean metaphorically "big head" as in big ego. I mean physically his head seems very big to me. Hrmm...

Update: Ann Coulter is hot. I love her. And smart as a button too.


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Hi there!
Recently I got in the national news for saying Mr. Bush has 'chicken legs' (I am training to be a fitness model and said this during one of my performances at Borders which subsequently banned me from that store). Anyway, the press has gone wild..
(I even got a message from some guy who says I'm hotter than Ann Coulter, lol) Anyway, I wrote a song for Bill Maher-the first of its kind and hope you'll check it out. http://www.mp3.com and click on "Maher's Planet". Please feel free to let me know
your thoughts, and thanks. www.juliarose.com

that link is supposed to read