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i'm only 8

I love that everyone at work is on chat. Had this exchange with Hillary today when I heard her commenting on my whiney response to Margaret about something she wanted. :-)
(04:14) pbakerw2gi: are you talking about me?
(04:15) hweberw2gi: yes you whiny baby!
(04:15) pbakerw2gi: hehe
(04:15) pbakerw2gi: i'm the youngest
(04:15) hweberw2gi: no shit!
(04:15) pbakerw2gi: you have to develop your annoy/whine talents to get by
(04:15) hweberw2gi: oh right.
(04:16) hweberw2gi: well i guess since i am the oldest it's my job to pick on and make fun of you ceaselessly
(04:16) pbakerw2gi: that sounds about right
(04:17) hweberw2gi: cept i outgrew that behavior about 17 years ago
(04:19) pbakerw2gi: yeah but i'm still the youngest here
(04:19) pbakerw2gi: well except for brandy
(04:20) hweberw2gi: yes but the point is, you aren't a child anymore.
(04:20) hweberw2gi: wait, are you?
(04:20) pbakerw2gi: duh
(04:20) hweberw2gi: haha


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After reading this I am actually more bored then I was before. This is a dumb version of a diary. All you talk about is you computer. Don't you have anything else to talk about? Why are people at work making fun of you? Not that I'm against that, but you're missing the first half of the above conversation. You're movie review was 1/100 interesting. You should have went to a bar (with me) and tried to meet girls your own age (instead of going to a movie with 16 year olds). Try to write something more interesting and let me know when it's done. Do something fun this weekend, remember it's Mardi Gras at most every bar (exception is Doc Ryans).