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that's so hixie

Hixie today is complaining about people using px for their font sizes. As one who uses px in almost all places out of laziness to go through the effort of using em or % I have this to ask of Hixie. What is the point of running at such a high resolution if it forces you to increase your front size to above normal? Why not just lower your resolultion to the point where normal font size is readable to you? Yeah I told him!


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Maybe the vast majority of your computer work does not involve text but includes graphics? Under those circumstances, a much higher resolution is a viable work environment....

Well, firstly, I have an LCD screen, and it has 1600 pixels horizontally, and 1200 pixels vertically. That's simply the way the hardware _is_.

Secondly, I'd rather have my text be high-definition, anti-aliased and smooth, rather than pixelated, which it would if I stepped down to a lower resolution. Eventually, I hope to be able to use ultra-high-definition displays, e.g. 200dpi and better.

Afterall, why do we now use 1200dpi laser printers rather than 100dpi dot matrixes?

I dislike fonts that are strictly set with a px.
Some people are fond of using 10 or 12 px fonts, and this makes their sites unreadable from some of the stations I use, without having to go and completely change the monitor resolution.

I shouldn't have to do that. I should be able to use a browser's built-in font size option, and be capable of seeing the content.

I'd prefer being able to read the content than seeing the site the way it's meant to be.

[underscore to the impropriety of setting web page fonts using px or pt]
The point is certainly not to shrink text to an unreadable size. Look up the definition of resolution.The idea is to render with more precision, more detail, higher quality. If 16px (the default in IE6 w/ small fonts and in Mozilla) is the best size at 1024x768 (the median size in common use), then scaling 16px up from 1024 to 1600 gives 25px (not a selectable option in font UI). Given the higher quality of the higher resolution, 24px should be "the right choice" if 16px was right before. A lot of copmmon fonts that look pretty crude at around 16px on 1024 turn gorgeous at 24px on 1600. Don't complain because a user wants to use what he paid for.