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real-time with bad comedians

Just finished watching this week's episode of Real-Time with Bill Maher. I like the panel guests and the discussion that takes place. Larry Miller has been great these two weeks. But they have got to get rid of the bad comedy acts. They are really just a waste of time and don't add any worthwhile content to the show. The staff comedian is not funny. I did not laugh once during his "feature", the torture tour of the world. It's not that he was trying to make torture funny, it's just that he was not funny. I have no problem laughing at other people's horrible misfortunes. I do it all the time. The way this guy presented wasn't funny at all. All he does is overstate the obvious while laughing at his own jokes. He's breaking one of the most basic rules of comedy. Don't laugh at your own jokes jack-ass. Perhaps Eric Idle is funny to someone, but that song and dance was just pointless. I much rather would have had another 10 minutes with the panel. HBO,get rid of the comedy acts. They are not fun and add nothing to the show. I don't know how much longer I'm going to put up with them to watch the few precious moments with the panel that they fit in-between. Update: Turns out that it's spelled Eric Idle, not Eric Idol.


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