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univision chicago - wgbo

Univision, one of the spanish channels in the Chicago-land area has really had some great coverage of the war. As I type this they are showing some rather intense video from Umm Qasr. Much more intense than any of the other stations where they show fairly boring footage.

Another example, I was watching Fox News Channel when they broke the news about the hostage video being broadcast on Al-Jazeera. I flipped to CNN and they were talking about the weather. Flipped to MSNBC and they were talking about some other crap. Flipped to Univision and they were airing the video. It was very poor quality. Don't know if the original source was that bad or if that was just Univision's satellite feed that was bad. I couldn't tell what anyone was saying since I don't speak spanish. So I don't know what was being said. It was fairly disturbing. I didn't really believe it when I was watching it, but I guess now the government is saying that Iraq has captured some of our soldiers. Don't know what to say about that...

...meanwhile, chanting continues in Baghdad.


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Telemundo Chicago did better job, believe me.

es ok