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war on iraq - a web experience

Tried to visit Al-Jazeera's website to try and find out any information about the POWs. Not too much luck, it looks like their webservers are very overloaded. Seeing as how the whole site is in Arabic which is a right-to-left language I thought it would be interesting to see how well each browser handled their site.

As you can see, Internet Explorer displays garbage text. Not only does it get the direction of the text wrong, but it is displaying seemingly random characters. Notice the question marks in the title bar of Internet Explorer. Mozilla displays the page beautifully, with all of the proper arabic characters and correct text flow. Notice the beautifully formated text in the title bar and on the tabs. Safari also does a great job of rendering the page and text. Notice also the correct text in the title bar and on the tabs. Safari did have trouble loading all parts of teh page. You can see the big block of white space on the middle left. So in conclusion, Mozilla does the best with Safari coming in at a close second. Internet Explorer doesn't even come close and displays a page that is completely unreadable.


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