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4/1 was lame this year

I have to agree with Joe Grossberg here. This was the lamest April Fools Day I can remember in recent history. Every single story I read was so obviously fake that they just weren't funny. Although when I read the title "RotK Delayed Until May 2004" on /. I was fooled for about 5.3 seconds. Of course as soon as I started reading I was like, "oh wait." By the time I got to the article I knew it was fake but I did get a chuckle out of it. I'm sure it got a quite few people. "Gnomemeeting Closes the Source" had me fooled for relatively quite awhile only because I was the very first thing I read that day and it hadn't yet registered that it was April Fools Day. The funniest thing I think was was CmdrTaco posting about the Evil Bit RFC 5 times. I got a good five minute laugh out of that.

Of course I'm not absolved of the blame. I knew it was April Fools Day the whole day, but for some reason it never dawned on me that I should actually try and do something funny to the people at work until after everyone had already gone home. Damnit!