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What is so special about BitTorrent? I'm using it right now to download the latest Matrix trailor. I'm at 32% and in the many several minutes since I started the download the speed has varied between 14KB/s and 40KB/s. So what makes BitTorrent so great? In half this time I have already downloaded it straight from http://whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com/. So why use BitTorrent?


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Because you can't download most things from whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com

You could see that dumb answer coming from a mile away...

As much as the Bittorrent community would like to believe otehrwise, the majory of users will still look at it as a way to "download most things." Its great potential for legitimate file distribution is thrown down the toilet by the urge to download pirated software, video and music. We already heard that song and dance from Kazaa, Gnutella and AudioGalaxy. Note that already, limiting versions of Bittorrent allow users to only leech and not share.

The best thing about Bittorrent is that it enables single users to distribute a large legitimate file without setting up the kind of massive server power that Warner Bros. can afford. Otherwise, FTP and HTTP are still pretty good protocols if you can afford the resources to handle several thousand simultaneous downloads.