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March 31, 2003

some people just don't try

I went to the Sports Authority in Arlington Heights on my lunch hour to check out their inline skates. They have a much larger selection than Sportmart. Unfortunately, I still didn't find a pair that fit me just right. They feel either too big, or they hurt my right foot. It feels like it's being squeezed. I think I must have wide feet or something. I was trying on pairs of skates for over 40 minutes and not once did anyone come up and ask if I was finding everything ok or anything. Nothing. Not that they could really help me since I tried on virtually every pair and didn't find anything that fit, but it would have been nice to at least have been checked on. On my way home from work I went to the Sports Authority in Downers Grove. They seemingly had a larger selection, but only one pair close to fitting. They felt tight enough in the ankles and they didn't cause my right foot to hurt. So obviously instead they hurt my left foot. I was there for probably about 40 minutes and again no one came up to me. What the hell are they doing over at the Sports Authority? I spent practically a combined hour and a half in their stores and not once did a sales person every try to help me. It's not like they were busy...I saw a bunch of them walking around. I don't know. Maybe I smell bad or something. Quite a contrast from Sportmart where the sales guy wouldn't leave me alone on Sunday...too bad their selection was total crap. Well Galyans get's their new stock in tomorrow, so I guess I'll check it out and see if they got anything that fits. I ought to check out the Skate Shop in Westmont too. A local shop specializing in skates might be my best bet.

Well it's time to watch Six Feet Under on my ReplayTV. I can't wait!

March 30, 2003

brenda is coming back!

Tried to go shopping for some inline skates today. Went to Sportmart. They had one style over $100 from K2. The size 10 seemed to fit well enough, but it really made my right foot hurt and the 11's were too big. Damn. Went over to Galyans. They seemingly had better selection, except that their stock was low and they didn't have any that fit at all. They get a new shipment in on Tuesday. So I guess I'll have to go back then and see if anything fits then.

I'm so excited that Brenda is coming back to Six Feet Under. I can not wait! Unfortunately, I'll have to wait until it airs on Monday since I'm going to The Ataris show tonight at House of Blues. Good times.

March 28, 2003

final rock of the house

Well the Rock House Cafe of Rolling Meadows will be closing their doors on March 30th (archived). So that's the bad news. The good news is that my brother's band Donner Surprise Party is the first band in the lineup on this final historic night. So if you are in the Chicago area, make sure to you are at the Rock House Cafe by 9:30pm on Saturday 29th. I do realize this is rather short notice, but the band just found out today that they will be playing so that's that.

where2getit in the sun times

My boss, Manish Patel, has been interviewed by the Chicago Sun-Times. You can read it in Thursday's paper, or online right here (archived).

March 26, 2003

i am going to hurt tomorrow

I went roller-skating tonight at Rainbo Roller Rink on Clark which closes on Saturday. :-( This is like the 4th time ever that I have gone roller-skating and the first time since the 5th grade. I didn't break anything thankfully, but I did fall down a lot. The first two times I fell, I landed right on the locker key I had in my pocket both times. Ouch! I have a pretty decent bruise already (about 2 inch diameter). I wonder what it's going to look like tomorrow. I have a feeling that by tomorrow my knees should be fairly bruised as well and the meaty parts of both my hands are pretty sore. My left hand actually feels weak when I try to open it. Oh yeah...I am going to hurt when I wake up tomorrow.

March 24, 2003

michael moore is even more of a jackass

So it turns out that Michael Moore is even more of a jackass than I had original thought. Richard Roeper (of Ebert and Roeper) was on Mancow this morning. Turns out that Roeper was at a luncheon with Moore the day before the oscars. He said that Moore he gave the same speech at the luncheon, "word for word, joke for joke, supposed adlib for supposed adlib." As I said before. What a fucking jackass.

michael moore is a jackass

There I said it. Oh yeah, Jack Nicholson and Bono, there are two kinds of people that wear sunglasses indoors...blind people...and assholes.

March 23, 2003

univision chicago - wgbo

Univision, one of the spanish channels in the Chicago-land area has really had some great coverage of the war. As I type this they are showing some rather intense video from Umm Qasr. Much more intense than any of the other stations where they show fairly boring footage.

Another example, I was watching Fox News Channel when they broke the news about the hostage video being broadcast on Al-Jazeera. I flipped to CNN and they were talking about the weather. Flipped to MSNBC and they were talking about some other crap. Flipped to Univision and they were airing the video. It was very poor quality. Don't know if the original source was that bad or if that was just Univision's satellite feed that was bad. I couldn't tell what anyone was saying since I don't speak spanish. So I don't know what was being said. It was fairly disturbing. I didn't really believe it when I was watching it, but I guess now the government is saying that Iraq has captured some of our soldiers. Don't know what to say about that...

...meanwhile, chanting continues in Baghdad.

war on iraq - a web experience

Tried to visit Al-Jazeera's website to try and find out any information about the POWs. Not too much luck, it looks like their webservers are very overloaded. Seeing as how the whole site is in Arabic which is a right-to-left language I thought it would be interesting to see how well each browser handled their site.

As you can see, Internet Explorer displays garbage text. Not only does it get the direction of the text wrong, but it is displaying seemingly random characters. Notice the question marks in the title bar of Internet Explorer. Mozilla displays the page beautifully, with all of the proper arabic characters and correct text flow. Notice the beautifully formated text in the title bar and on the tabs. Safari also does a great job of rendering the page and text. Notice also the correct text in the title bar and on the tabs. Safari did have trouble loading all parts of teh page. You can see the big block of white space on the middle left. So in conclusion, Mozilla does the best with Safari coming in at a close second. Internet Explorer doesn't even come close and displays a page that is completely unreadable.

March 20, 2003

combat rock

They tell us there are only two sides to be on
If you are on our side you're right if not you're wrong
But are we innocent, paragons of good?
Is our guilt erased by the pain that we've endured?
Hey look it's time to pledge allegiance
Oh god I love my dirty Uncle Sam
Our country's marching to the beat now
And we must learn to step in time
Where is the questioning where is the protest song?
Since when is skepticism un-American?
Dissent's not treason but they talk like it's the same
Those who disagree are afraid to show their face
Let's break out our old machines now
It sure is good to see them run again
Oh gentlemen start your engines
And we know where we get the oil from
Are you feeling alright now
Paint myself all red white blue
Are you singing let's fight now
Innocent people die, uh oh
There are reasons to unite
Is this why we unite?
If you hate this time
Remember we are the time!
Show you love your country go out and spend some cash
Red white blue hot pants doing it for Uncle Sam
Flex our muscles show them we're stronger than the rest
Raise your hands up baby are you sure that we're the best?
We'll come out with our fists raised
The good old boys are back on top again
And if we let them lead us blindly
The past becomes the future once again
After reading Pinkerton's post asking "Since when has disagreeing with the government been considered anti-american?" I can't help but be reminded of Sleater-Kinney's song Combat Rock of which I have posted the lyrics above. It is a great song, so I thought I would also put up an mp3 of it. If you like this song, make sure you go out and buy all their albums as I have. Show you love your country go out and spend some cash.

the first strike

As promised here are the sound bites I captured from the live Baghdad streams. Times below are in Baghdad time (AST) which is 3 hours ahead of GMT.
  • circa 4:40 am - Chanting begins over loudspeakers in Baghdad. It continues until 4:46 am. [mp3]
  • 5:33 am - Air raid sirens sound over Baghdad. [mp3]
  • 5:41 am - Eight minutes after the sirens have sounded, the first strike on Baghdad begins. This was a surgical strike aimed at "targets of opportunity" including what was believed to be Saddam Hussein himself. Note that the first 40 seconds of the audio, are the first 40 seconds. At that point the feed was lost and picked back up some less than four minutes later with the raid just concluding, which makes up the last 3 minutes of the audio. [mp3]
That's it for now.

March 19, 2003

explosions explosions!!!

Bombs are going off in Baghdad. Saw a few bright flashes go off. And I got the audio as well. The feed has died, so that's not a good sign. I'll make updates as I can.

8:46PM Feed is back. Heard a few more explosions. Still fairly quiet though.

sirens going off in baghdad

Well they aren't any more, but they were for about a minute starting at 5:33 Iraq time. Got them with Audio Hijack. Will have that and the chanting up soon. They are just now reporting about the sirens going off on Fox News. Seven minutes later.

singing in baghdad

wow. there is some kind of singing or chanting being broadcast over loud speaker it sounds like in Baghdad as I type this. I am capturing it off the MSNBC live feed from Baghdad using Audio Hijack. I will put an MP3 of it up soon.

start the war already!

I have MSNBC's live feed from Baghdad in the upper right corner of my screen. I didn't really expect there to be sound. It's very surreal to hear the birds chirping in Iraq. Every few minutes a car will drive down the street visible in the frame. Some of them are very loud and you can hear them well before they are visible. I keep thinking maybe it's the sound of an air strike. Saw a bus drive by once and just now a car honked at the car in front of it. This is pretty wild. I'm glad I finally took the time to watch Live from Baghdad last week. I had been sitting on my Replay TV for quite awhile. It was really great and I think everyone should watch as soon as they get the chance if they haven't yet seen it.

I also watched a great Frontline special on Channel 11 last night that basically detailed everything that has happened with Iraq since Desert Storm. This really is not a sudden thing and has been going on for 12 years. In fact Bill Clinton was very close to going to war with Iraq in 1998. He didn't because his advisors were afraid it wouldn't make him look good. Kinda how people are trying to make Bush look now. So let reiterate this. Clinton holds public appearance over the safety of country and the world. That's good to know. Maybe if he had gone after Iraq in 1998, there never would have been a 9/11 tragedy.

just what are we trying to save?


Saw this image on Ben Goodger's blog. This goes back to my "we need to stop babying the morons of this world" statement a couple of posts ago. I was pretty much convinced that we do need to go after Saddam and everything in order to guarantee the safety of Americans, but now I'm not so sure. Perhaps if the ones we lose are the ones in the photo, maybe it's an acceptable loss after all. Hrmm...UC Berkley (archived) right? That should mean they are within range of North Korea? Excellent.

dave is breaking his own rules...

It looks to me like Dave Hyatt is talking about Safari in his not-supposed-to-be-about-safari blog. Shame on you Dave. Of course since the post is not about Safari in any technical sort of nature, I guess I'll let it slide this time.

I do know exactly where he is coming from with the fear of "brain are being overwritten" thing. I spend so much time at work trying to create the end all be all code library to handle everything from proximity searching to digital assets that I do believe my brain is being overwritten. I have the hardest time trying to go to sleep at night because my brain just will not shutoff. Even when I'm sitting in bed, my brain is still trying to code. I see code in my head. I'm constantly prototyping and implementing and re-implementing things in my head trying to find the best way to do something. I'll sit there in my bed for 5 hours trying to fall asleep. Of course by then I'm supposed to be up in a few hours to "go to work". As if I ever leave... Even when I'm not physically at work, I'm still at work.

And I do know my health is suffering. I caught a cold in November that still has yet to go away. What the fuck is that? I have had a cold for almost four months now. November just so happens to be the time when all this started...when I started to write Maytag International's DAM. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I love programming. I'm just afraid what it's doing to me.

this is great

It's too bad that many people will probably become aware of this scam (archived) very quickly now that it had made it's way to MSNBC. Damn. I like the idea of stupid people doing stupid things and then getting punished for it. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. We really need to stop babying the morons of the world.

March 12, 2003

hardcore porn

there are no words

March 06, 2003

i'm goin to dizz knee land

Dizzkneeland.com proudly proclaims, "We're back." Awesome! According to the news page (archived) it is all three members of Dada that will be touring. In fact, they are going on a 45 city US tour and will be releasing two CD's this year. One will be an independently released LIVE CD taken from the tour. The other will contain unreleased tracks from MCA sessions. Wow! I can't wait!

dada returns

Could it really be true? Could it?! It looks like Dada may be returning (archived) to the stage after several years hiatus. I can't wait! I never got to seem them before when they were together. Now this may definitely be my last chance. I wonder if it is all three original members, or just a couple of them.

March 03, 2003

real-time with bad comedians

Just finished watching this week's episode of Real-Time with Bill Maher. I like the panel guests and the discussion that takes place. Larry Miller has been great these two weeks. But they have got to get rid of the bad comedy acts. They are really just a waste of time and don't add any worthwhile content to the show. The staff comedian is not funny. I did not laugh once during his "feature", the torture tour of the world. It's not that he was trying to make torture funny, it's just that he was not funny. I have no problem laughing at other people's horrible misfortunes. I do it all the time. The way this guy presented wasn't funny at all. All he does is overstate the obvious while laughing at his own jokes. He's breaking one of the most basic rules of comedy. Don't laugh at your own jokes jack-ass. Perhaps Eric Idle is funny to someone, but that song and dance was just pointless. I much rather would have had another 10 minutes with the panel. HBO,get rid of the comedy acts. They are not fun and add nothing to the show. I don't know how much longer I'm going to put up with them to watch the few precious moments with the panel that they fit in-between. Update: Turns out that it's spelled Eric Idle, not Eric Idol.