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October 23, 2003

me as south park character


October 12, 2003

too bad condos don't have backyards

Maybe I should buy house instead of a condo. Then I could put this in the backyard. The pitching machine it comes with lugs fast-balls at up to 104 mph, along with curve-balls and sliders. I could erect a giant flood light so I could go batting at night. So sweet. Super sweet!

October 05, 2003

eight more to go

Captured best by IRC:

YOU have joined #clanchat
clock> !
insyder> !!!
insyder> CUBS!
insyder> WIN!!!
pbaker> CUBS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pbaker> !!!!!!!!!!!
pbaker> !
pbaker> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pbaker> !!!!!
pbaker> WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
pbaker> OH MY GOD!!!!
insyder> a;lskdfjla;kdsgjlka
pbaker> CUBS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pbaker> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pbaker> i'm drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pbaker> CUBS WQIN!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rennard> hahaha

October 02, 2003

changes in the world

My brother sent me an email asking:

So I'm sitting outside the Panera Bread at Fox Valley Mall having some lunch with Jenny and Riley, and I begin to recognize the song playing over the Mall PA. It was Runaway Train by Soul Asylum. Would this be considered a new low for a band once named as the "best live band in America", or has the world changed to see in them what we saw so many years ago? Or is there more to it than that?
I'm afraid I don't have an answer to that question.

October 01, 2003

congratulations are in order

Of course in addition to congratulations to the Cubs for their first game win against the Braves...

Congrats to Ryan and Robin on the birth of their bouncing baby girl Mckenna Rose, born Sunday morning!

Congrats to my friend Valerie and her boyfriend Noah on passing The Bar!