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May 28, 2004

on the verge of seizing

So as I was driving to work this morning on 90 and things were looking pretty good. There were no clouds in the sky and it was sunny yet cool. I had all the windows open and the my iPod cranked way up. It's Manish's birthday, so he was going to be out of the office. It's always a bonus when the boss is out. Then all of the sudden BAM!

Out of no where this like giant probably like two foot by two foot piece of heavy vinyl (I'm guessing) tarp flips up from under the car in front of me and smacks flat on the front of my car. I didn't stop because like what the fuck good is it going to do to try and stop on the shoulder of I-90? Anyway I kept going and decided to get to the office as fast as possible where I could then checkout the damage to my car. The whole time thinking oh fuck how much is this going to fucking cost to fix. I wonder if it would be covered under comprehensive since like it wasn't really an accident or anything. I mean like the same kinda thing could happen if like a big piece of shit fell from the sky and hit my car while parked ya know? So 15 minutes later as I was waiting for the light to change at off ramp from 294 to Willow Rd, I smelled motor oil and I was like "oh shit that better not be me."

So I finally got to the parking lot and came around and looked at the front of my car. There is black shit all over my front, but it doesn't look like any real scratches, so I'm hoping it will buff out fairly easily. But then I noticed a trail of drips on the blacktop. I touched and sure fucking much it was motor oil. I look under my car and the shit is just pouring out from under my engine. FUCK!

I ran inside and washed the oil off my hands, and of course there were no paper towels in the boys bathroom so I yell, "whoever used the last paper towel and didn't replace the roll is an ASSHOLE!" Then I told everyone what happened and Mark was like dude let me take you to my buddy he's just by the McDonalds. So we go outside and there is like half-quart of oil spilled out on the parking lot already from the like five minutes I was inside. So we race over to Semeria Imports and Larry comes out and looks at it. "Yup you've punctured your oil pan. This is cheap and easy to fix. One inch higher and it would have hit the block and you would have been really screwed." So he runs back in to the shop and grabs an oil bucket to put under my car (since I was leaking oil all over his blacktop parking lot). As he puts it under the pour goes down to a trickle and then stops. Yeah so yeah I had like three minutes of oil left when I pulled into his parking lot. Talk about timing. Anyway in the end it was only like $68 p/l, which I am so thankful that was all it was.

fork stuck in warsync 0.9.8

That's right kids, exactly two months after 0.9.7 was released, the world can now enjoy in the wonder that is Warsync 0.9.8. Good stuff in this one, and it's actually a useful program now. Make sure you take this survey of what else to include in 1.0.

May 21, 2004

who wudda thunk it

Snap! Can you believe that my bestest friend Savannah has had a blog for like five months and I didn't even know about it. Anyway Savannah, you need to feel better so you can be in tip top shape for number 9.

In other news, tonight at the Rosemont Horizon errr I mean Allstate Arena, here's hoping that The Get Up Kids and Motion City Soundtrack team up to beat the ever living shit out of Chris Carabarabaraba and Thrice. It's just so wrong that TGUK and MCS aren't even listed on the Ticketmaster page. Just sad.

May 05, 2004

warsync website...sorta

In preparation of the upcoming Warsync version 0.9.8 release, I have "launched" the Warsync web site by simply posting the readme as the index page for the site. Yeah, so nothing special, but at least it's better than nothing. Enjoy.