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October 26, 2004

i find it telling

Kerry's Defense PlanMike alerted me of a good article on Slate about the reporter "pretending to be a Republican in Blue California." (archived) Excerpt from the article:
Driving home, I rip off my Bush-Cheney shirt so I can walk the streets of my neighborhood unjeered at and without terrifying little children. Reflecting on the sting of being called "asshole" during my travels through Blue America, I wonder: If I were truly a Bush supporter, how long would I be able to endure a life filled with epithets before I gave up on the shirt?

October 25, 2004

never even heard of these guys

What metal band are you?


You are Opeth! You are very poetic with your lyrics, and your music flows like a waterfall. Your emotions change from angry to sad very quickly. Some people don't like you because you can sound too depressing. You're one of the best metal bands in the world, and you worship your fans!

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October 14, 2004

banana phone

Go here now! This is so totally the ring on my phone now.

Also, just to remind myself in the future. There is a certain program made by a certain company that allows you to run certain other programs on a certain operating system that you ordinally wouldn't be able to run on said operating system. This same certain program does a certain annoying thing involving port scanning a network to see if this certain program is running on certain other machines. I don't like port scanning. If you don't like port scanning either, then open up Terminal and run this certain command:

sudo ipfw add deny udp from any to any 21790 in

October 08, 2004

so i never forget again

Just to remind myself incase I ever forget again or lose my bookmark. The Debian Snapshot archive is located at http://snapshot.debian.net/. Sorry for the interruption and we now return you to your regularly scheduled program.