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So Google has done good in helping to fight this moronic comment/trackback spam. Basically any link that contains rel="nofollow" attribute will be ignored by Google for page ranking. So you set up your blog to have any trackbacks or comments add the attribute to any contained links. Now they will do nothing for weight on Google and other search engines. And Six Apart makes a simple enough plugin you can install that enables this for all comments and trackbacks in Moveable Type. Thank god for that. I hope these spammers keep a running list of sites they hit that have added the attribute so they stop posting comments on my blog altogether. Because if they do keep adding comments and trackbacks, it will at least stop helping their page ranking, but it still won't help my sanity, because after all they will STILL be posting. There were three more trackbacks today. I added those IPs to the block list. And I've installed the plugin. I guess we'll see how it goes.