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i love you mommy

So remember when I said I received the worst news of my life a few days ago, well I now have even worse news than that. I was cryptic last time because I simply haven't accepted it myself. I just can't believe it's real and I really want to wake up from this horrible nightmare. My mom has been diagnosed with stage three colon cancer. The CT scan results she received today shows it has spread past the walls of her colon and two lesions have developed on her liver. Tomorrow she will have a PET scan to hopefully confirm that there are only two lesions on her liver. She will also have a CAT scan of her chest to make sure that the cancer has not spread to any other organs. Assuming they don't find anything more, she will have surgery on Monday at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago to remove the right half of her colon. She will spend four to seven days in hospital and after that it will take four to six weeks at home to recover from the surgery, leaning more towards six. Once her doctor feels she is up to it, she will receive three to six months of chemotherapy to stop the growth of the lesions on her liver and lucky, hopefully shrink them some as well. After that she will have another surgery to remove the lesions and surrounding tissue from her liver. This second surgery is the most severe and carries the highest risks. With stage three colon cancer that has spread to the liver, my mom has a 35% chance of survival over five years. Having said that she is handling this very well and is optimistic and in good spirits. She is very comfortable with her doctor at Northwestern (referred to her by a friend of my parents who had colon cancer eight years ago) and is determined to beat this at all costs. Please keep her in your prayers. We need all of them we can get.


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Sorry to hear about your mom. I hope everything goes well with the surgery. Let me know if you need anything.


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