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May 23, 2006

I love you Mommy, Part 3

My parent's got the results of my Mom's CAT-scan today at Northwestern Memorial. I met them for lunch. Well it was not the results we were hoping for. There are some spots that have formed around where she had the radio frequency ablation therapy before. When they burned out the tumor in that spot before they did the standard amount of coverage around it to hopefully get all the cancer cells but apparently it was not enough, whatever microscopic traces that were left behind have grown. Her left lobe still remains clear of cancer (at least that is detectable by the CAT-scan.) She will have a PET-scan next Tuesday to search for any microscopic traces of cancer any where else that are undetectable by the CAT-scan. Keep her in your prayers so they don't find anything else. Assuming they don't it looks like her options are for either more of the RAF therapy, or to have a port put into her leg to do directed chemotherapy on the liver. Surgery won't be used except as a last resort if all other options have been exhausted. Because of her previous liver surgery, her liver is to the point where there is a high risk of liver failure if they take out any more of it. Hopefully it will never have to come to that. She still feels great and has gained fourteen pounds since her surgery in January. She is full of energy and is determined that this won't stop her from enjoying many more fruitful years of her life. The doctor told her NOT to cancel our trip to Pentwater, MI in August. I meant to post some pictures from our family get-together on Mother's Day earlier, but now is as good as any time and better late than never. More pictures after the jump.

Family Photo, Mother's Day 2006, Taken by my Dad

Grace Watching Cartoons

Riley, Samantha, and Caitlin Having a Good Time

Jennifer Wearing Mom's Light Blue Windbreaker

Jennifer's Veggetable-Kabobs

Grandpa, Kevin, and Sammy

Sammy Smiling Big for the Camera!

May 18, 2006

FeedBurner Stickervelopes

FeedBurnerAny time someone sends a self-addressed stamped envelope to the FeedBurner HQ at

Attn: I want FeedBurner stickers
549 W. Randolph, 6th Floor
Chicago, IL 60661
someone in the office gets to be the one that fulfills the request. Today was the first time I did one. That's right, Matt Haas of PA, you were my first. It was an honor, thank you. Oh and I have more to blog about. Lots actually and I really should do it today before I forget. And it's been like three weeks since my last post. Shame on me.