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August 01, 2006

I love you Mommy, Part 4

Well it's been a long time since I gave a status update about my mother and it's long overdue. As you know from my last update the cancer in her liver started to come back and she was set to have a PET-scan and have the doctors figure out what her next steps in the fight would be. After the results of the PET-scan, the doctors decided that the best course of treatment for now would be Therasphere. While not really a new treatment, it is one that is only done about 4000 times a year by a handful of hospitals. Fortunately, Northwestern Memorial is one of them. (I really should have gone there for my appendectomy.) While it is FDA approved, the FDA is still accumulating data so my mother will have to fill out a report afterwards.

You can watch a video of how Therasphere works and also CBS2 news report about it. In fact my mom's doctor for the procedure is in the CBS report.

She had the procedure done on July 5th and last Thursday, July 27th she had CAT and PET-scan's to see how well it worked. Today we got the results and it was great news! The procedure was successful for the lobe that received treatment. On August 30th, she will go for a second treatment to do the other lobe. Keep her in your prayers that everything goes well.