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December 15, 2006

My Elf Costume (no more)

Update: Silly OfficeMax took down the Elf Costume site so none of the links work any more. :-(

Click the image on the right to see me do a little dance. Rachelle pointed me towards this gem of the Internet and says that one of her friends actually worked on it. Anyway you can upload a picture of your self, resize a polygon over your fac and--whallah--you are and elf. I love it! I've got some more Christmas spirit related posts coming soon including my experience on the Holiday 'L' Train. Oh yeah and here are some more FeedBurner folks done up as elves: Rachelle, Beat-up Chris, and Happy Chris.

December 08, 2006

How do smokers do it?

NINE FUCKING DEGREES!!!I seriously don't know how smokers do it. Every single day as I walk from the Merchandise Mart Brown Line stop to my office on Randolph, there are always smokers outside MM. When I get to our building there are always at least three of them outside the door smoking, all day long. As I was walking in today, from my view of the smokers as I walked up the sidewalk, just over their heads was the sign from the end of the block reading -12 C. That is negative twelve people! I didn't know exactly what that was at the time in Fahrenheit but it's gotta be fucking cold. I tell you what, if it was me I would figure out how to quit that habit pretty damn fast. Heck, if supermodels were outside my office right now giving away free sex I wouldn't do it. It's so damn cold outside. No way in hell I would be out there sucking down cancer sticks.