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Saves The Day, House of Blues, Chicago, April 25, 2008

I saw Saves The Day last Friday at House of Blues. They played many of my favorite songs. The setlist could easily be made into a best-of CD. It's also worthwhile to mention that I have set the goal to never see the band Set Your Goals ever again. They sucked royally.

This weekend I finally finished Run to the Hills on hard drums in Rock Band. This took me at least a couple weeks to finally pull off. I'm not especially proud of my accomplishment though. The problem with that song is that it feels less like I'm playing music and more like I'm just trying to figure out the minimum sequence of drum hits I need to make in order to avoid failing. I am glad it's over and I plan to never play that song again until I have to similarly beat it on expert. Afterwards, I then quickly beat Won't Get Fooled Again with four stars on the first try (which is awesome to play on drums) and completed the hard solo tour. Woohoo!

Run to the Hills, Hard Drums, Two Stars


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