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This is the Year!

Update: Well since the MLB hates it's fans, they decided to remove the Cubs tribute video I had uploaded to YouTube for "copyright infringement." God damnit they suck.

Kate and I went camping this week in Wisconsin with some friends and missed most of the Cubs' central division clincher on Saturday. I did manage to pick up a staticy WGN, just in time to hear the last couple innings. But we were back in town on Sunday to be able to watch the second half of the last regular season home game. I don't care for the song choice, but I did otherwise love the tribute video that WGN did after the game. My second time through, I definitely started to tear up. This is a great time to be Cubs fan. I'm very proud of this team. This is such a better team than 2003 or even last year. Every player on the team has done superb. Every game, it seems like someone different is coming up with that clutch play that wins the game. It's not like the old days of relying on Sammy Sosa's homeruns to win games. Every player through out the entire lineup contributes, and it's a pure joy to watch them manufacture runs. I love the clip of Ted Lilly taking out Yadier Molina at home. Awesome!


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