January 23, 2007

The Burning Addiction

Yeah so I stole my post title from MOGArmy. But what can you expect, it's my favorite podcast and I love those guys. You should digg it. Anyway, last night was the first time I actually got to spend some quality time (although short) in Outlands. I was able to do two quests in Hellfire Peninsula and both quests yielded gear upgrades. Yeah... two quests... two gear upgrades... it didn't even take an hour. And while I was out questing, I was attacked by a level 64 troll priest who I killed despite only being level 60 myself. And on top of that, a Tauren Druid started hitting me from behind mid-way through that fight too. I didn't catch his level because after the priest went down I tried to run away when my Lifegiving Gem wore off and I had only ONE hitpoint left. I ended up aggro'ing a mob while running and he killed me in one hit, which caused a durability loss. Doh!

After turning in those quests, I quickly realized that all the extra gear I was holding on to in my bags and in my bank was very quickly going to be useless. So I went back through the Dark Portal to Azeroth so I could sell off all the stuff in my inventory to make room for the new. I also traveled to the Zandalar Troll island and turned in the bijous and coins I had just for the XP. Man, all the people that spent so many countless hours and days grinding for rep with ZG and AQ for gear... Gear that is replaced your first 10 hours in Outlands. HA! I'm glad I never did any of that. I also went to Chillwind Camp thinking I would get XP for turning in scourgestones but I was wrong. But while I was there, I did notice that they planted a Draenei at Chillwind so I thought, what the hell, I'll do this quest real quick. After doing the two quests for him, I netted another 20000XP overall and 600 rep with Exodar.

So yeah, it's probably safe to say that a lot of my free time will be consumed by World of Warcraft for the next several weeks. I hope the friends I've made playing Gears of War multiplayer won't miss me too much. I'll be back some day.