October 14, 2004

banana phone

Go here now! This is so totally the ring on my phone now.

Also, just to remind myself in the future. There is a certain program made by a certain company that allows you to run certain other programs on a certain operating system that you ordinally wouldn't be able to run on said operating system. This same certain program does a certain annoying thing involving port scanning a network to see if this certain program is running on certain other machines. I don't like port scanning. If you don't like port scanning either, then open up Terminal and run this certain command:

sudo ipfw add deny udp from any to any 21790 in

August 21, 2003

pain in my ass SoBig

Okay I hate Microsoft now more than ever. SoBig.F has got to be the greatest assault to mankind yet made possibly by Bill and company. Since the latest variant of the SoBig virus began disseminating over the internet Monday morning, I have received over 2000 of these fucking emails. OVER TWO FUCKING THOUSAND OF THEM!! I just spent that last 3 hours purging all of there retched existence from And that doesn't even account for the time I spent on Monday and yesterday dealing with them as well. MY FUCKING GOD!!! Who do I send the bill for my wasted time? Time I will never get back. SoBig has essentially shortened my life-span. Fuck, I even ran out of space on my PowerBook because I got so many of the fuckers. So with that in mind, I do have comfort in the fact that I shall never see another SoBig virus email ever again as I finally added the appropriate rule to my .procmailrc file on the server so I should never see them again. In case you wish to do the same, here is what I put:
* ^X-MailScanner: Found to be clean
* ^X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2600.0000
* ^Content-Type: multipart/mixed

February 26, 2003

never thought I would say this...

As much as I hate Microsoft, I do have to say I agree completely with Tim Mullen's article (archived) over at SecurityFocus about the latest "Windows XP Vulnerability." Microsoft really has been blamed unnecessarily for an "issue" that doesn't really exist. He really puts into perspective how it is a total non-issue and that most media outlets have blown it completely out of control. The first article I read about this "exploit" I believe was on CNet where it basically said that popping in the Windows 2000 install disk gave you immediate administrator control to the live system. It said nothing about the fact that you have to reboot the thing. Well duh, if you have enough physical access to reboot the machine, it doesn't matter what operating system it is, you can get in. Thanks for bring this to everyone's attention Tim.