April 28, 2008

Music News

Saves The Day, House of Blues, Chicago, April 25, 2008

I saw Saves The Day last Friday at House of Blues. They played many of my favorite songs. The setlist could easily be made into a best-of CD. It's also worthwhile to mention that I have set the goal to never see the band Set Your Goals ever again. They sucked royally.

This weekend I finally finished Run to the Hills on hard drums in Rock Band. This took me at least a couple weeks to finally pull off. I'm not especially proud of my accomplishment though. The problem with that song is that it feels less like I'm playing music and more like I'm just trying to figure out the minimum sequence of drum hits I need to make in order to avoid failing. I am glad it's over and I plan to never play that song again until I have to similarly beat it on expert. Afterwards, I then quickly beat Won't Get Fooled Again with four stars on the first try (which is awesome to play on drums) and completed the hard solo tour. Woohoo!

Run to the Hills, Hard Drums, Two Stars

June 14, 2007

Taste of Randolph Coming This Friday

The Taste of Randolph starts tomorrow, Friday June 15th at 5pm. Fountains of Wayne is playing at 8:30pm and De Cero will also have a booth. De Cero is easily one of my favorite restaurants. They make about two dozen different kinds of tacos and they are all just delicious. I plan to head straight there after work so hook up with me if you do the same.

February 16, 2006

The Rolling Stones

Thank god I'm not the only one that feels this way about the Rolling Stones (MP3 1.4MB). Seriously I just don't get it. Yeah they have some good songs but not enough to the point that they are "worshipped" the way they are as if they are the best band ever and will always be. I mean come on seriously.

February 09, 2006


To quote my brother:
Jay-Z and Lincoln Park....I don't really get it, but ok....

Jay-Z, Lincoln Park, and Paul McCartny doing Yesteday?

Put a fork in me...

June 17, 2005

not what you want

Today should have otherwise been a great day. I saw Sleater-Kinney at the Riviera tonight. They are so awesome live. I wish it was at the Metro though. This is the first time I've seen them some place other than the Metro. They played a double-encore. It was great. Although I couldn't quite enjoy it as much as I wanted to as my mind kept drifting... This should have been a great day. Instead I received the worst news ever of my life this morning. In related news... Mom I love you! Please don't go!

November 13, 2003

dsp returns to the elbow room

My brother's band Donner Surprise Party is coming to the Elbo Room on November 25th. Be there or be square!

Hey Everyone!

We've got some shows coming up that we wanted to let you know about.

The first is:

Tuesday November 25, 2003
The Elbo Room
2871 N. Lincoln
Chicago, IL 60657

Donner Surprise Party goes on third at 11:00.

Check out for more info.

Here's an idea, join us at the Elbo Room on the 25th, take a vacation day Wednesday the 26th, and have a nice 5 day weekend!

Our next show after that:

Thursday December 11, 2003
The Lyons Den
1934 W. Irving Park
Chicago IL, 60613

Donner Surprise Party goes on first @ 9:00

Check out for more info.

Hope to see you all there!

October 02, 2003

changes in the world

My brother sent me an email asking:

So I'm sitting outside the Panera Bread at Fox Valley Mall having some lunch with Jenny and Riley, and I begin to recognize the song playing over the Mall PA. It was Runaway Train by Soul Asylum. Would this be considered a new low for a band once named as the "best live band in America", or has the world changed to see in them what we saw so many years ago? Or is there more to it than that?
I'm afraid I don't have an answer to that question.

September 25, 2003

i want to marry corin tucker

My god Corin Tucker is so amazing. I could listen to her sing for hours. It's like her voice is having sex with me. It really just does not get any better than this. Too bad she's already married with child. Looks like I have missed my chance. :-( Anyway, you should go out and buy Sleater-Kinney's latest album now, before it's too late and you die a horrible death having never listened to the greatest band of all time.

September 10, 2003

that was all?

Christina Aguilera is WhoraliciousSo I'm finally getting around to watching the VMAs on my ReplayTV. All this time I've been hearing about the kiss between Madonna and Brittany Spears and now I finally got to see it. All I have to say is, that's it? They barely kissed. I was surprised to see them actually singing during the opening performance instead of lip-syncing. I was impressed.

Having said that though, omigod what I wouldn't do to Christina Aguilera if only she'd let me. She is a total whore but damn do I want some of dat.

Also, I hate Nelly. I just want to kick his ass. Anyone that wears a band aid on their face for months and months just really needs to have their ass kicked to oblivion. I hate 50 Cent too. Basically yeah I pretty much can't stand any and all rappers. I do like Snoop though. He cracks me up.

Props to AFI for winning the MTV2 award. With Dashboard winning it last year, it's safe to say that the MTV2 award is MTV's one and only nod to actual good music while all the rest of the awards are just meant to float the RIAA's overly inflated ego.

I would also add that I am seriously tired of Coldplay. Which is especially lame when you take into perspective that I try even harder to avoid them than 50 Cent.

Further loss of respect for 50 Cent. He's fucking lip-syncing his performance. That is just so lame. It's fuckers like this that are ruining music today. Really fuck. If you can't fucking sing, PICK A NEW FUCKING JOB! God damnit it pisses me off. You should not be winning awards when you can't even fucking sing one damn song live. And shit...rap is hardly even singing. You are basically just speaking. He can't even get that right? Christ even Brittany, Christina, and Madonna had the respect to sing their song this time.

August 25, 2003

the FIRST get up kids song you ever heard

I made the following post to this thread on The Get Up Kids message board and it's just so relevant I had to duplicate it here as well. Argh! I'm so pissed at the RIAA. Who knows what other music I may have been introduced to if they didn't 187 Napster.

Back in the Napster days, near the end when they introduced that Featured Artists section or whatever it was called, The Get Up Kids were listed on it for the song Ten Minutes. So I downloaded it and I have been in love ever since!! Since then I have bought every single TGUK album/ep/split to release on CD, some of them more than once (long stories). I have also bought many on vinyl even though I already own the CD version. I have gone to every TGUK show in the Chicago area since (the Vagrant America tour will never be beaten) and I've laid out cash for countless t-shirts at the shows and off of BCD. My love for TGUK has lead to purchasing all the New Ams and Reggie CDs along with shirts as well. I saw New Ams at the Abbey Pub a few weeks ago, and I have tickets for Reggie at House of Blues this Saturday. All told I wouldn't doubt if I have spent over $300 on TGUK and company alone. Compliment that with further money spent on CDs/Vinyl/Shirts/Concerts from bands that have toured with The Get Up Kids such as Hot Rod Circuit, Saves the Day, Dashboard Confessional, Alkaline Trio, etc. All told, I may have spent well over $700 all stemming from the cycle of events kicked off from that one download off of Napster. I wonder how my story fits into the RIAA's file-sharing is destroying music theory.

July 18, 2003

the problem with music

My brother pointed me to a great article written by Steve Albini called "The Problem With Music" (archived). He basically pretty much details everything that sucks about the recording industry today. And GOD DAMNIT!! It makes me so fucking mad!! I never knew about the crap the A & R scout pulls on a band. Wow. There ought to be laws.

June 11, 2003

iTunes song frequency

So I have a playlist in iTunes called Good Mix. I had it configured to play all songs rated at three stars or above and to randomly choose 25 songs that had not been played in 6 weeks. Well today it finally ran out of songs. Setting it to five weeks only gives me another 5 hours of music, which if I don't finish today I will probably finish some time tomorrow. If you figure a 40 hour work week (which of course mine is longer than that, but I'm not necessarily listening to iTunes that whole time), I need to choose a setting that gives me 40 hours of music for me to suck up a week. To do this I had to set the limit to two weeks which gives me almost exactly 40 hours of music. What does this mean? This means on average it takes me three weeks to listen to the 1636 songs rated three stars or above. So if I actually had 7500 songs that the new iPod 30GB apparently can store, it would take me about 14 weeks by my bad math before I would hear the same song again. I don't know what this means.

April 11, 2003

dsp rocks another "house"

Just a quick reminder that the Donner Surprise Party is playing tonight at:

Duke's Roadhouse
6319 W. Roosevelt Road
Berwyn, IL 60402

Its between Ridgeland and Austin, just down the street from Fitzgeralds. DSP goes on second, around 11:30. Also playing, On A Dime. Check out for more info and merchandise. Hope to see you all there.

April 07, 2003

that rock is hard and cold

I didn't notice it on Sunday, but watching the Six Feet Under encore tonight on HBO2 I noticed that O2 by Sleater-Kinney is playing in the background when Russel is dying Claire's hair. Sweet! This makes what was already a great episode even greater.

I'm having trouble deciding what my favorite scene is. I might be the scene where the big fat guy falls out of the casket and then they drop him trying to pick him back up onto the gurny. Hilarious!

March 30, 2003

brenda is coming back!

Tried to go shopping for some inline skates today. Went to Sportmart. They had one style over $100 from K2. The size 10 seemed to fit well enough, but it really made my right foot hurt and the 11's were too big. Damn. Went over to Galyans. They seemingly had better selection, except that their stock was low and they didn't have any that fit at all. They get a new shipment in on Tuesday. So I guess I'll have to go back then and see if anything fits then.

I'm so excited that Brenda is coming back to Six Feet Under. I can not wait! Unfortunately, I'll have to wait until it airs on Monday since I'm going to The Ataris show tonight at House of Blues. Good times.

March 28, 2003

final rock of the house

Well the Rock House Cafe of Rolling Meadows will be closing their doors on March 30th (archived). So that's the bad news. The good news is that my brother's band Donner Surprise Party is the first band in the lineup on this final historic night. So if you are in the Chicago area, make sure to you are at the Rock House Cafe by 9:30pm on Saturday 29th. I do realize this is rather short notice, but the band just found out today that they will be playing so that's that.

March 06, 2003

i'm goin to dizz knee land proudly proclaims, "We're back." Awesome! According to the news page (archived) it is all three members of Dada that will be touring. In fact, they are going on a 45 city US tour and will be releasing two CD's this year. One will be an independently released LIVE CD taken from the tour. The other will contain unreleased tracks from MCA sessions. Wow! I can't wait!

dada returns

Could it really be true? Could it?! It looks like Dada may be returning (archived) to the stage after several years hiatus. I can't wait! I never got to seem them before when they were together. Now this may definitely be my last chance. I wonder if it is all three original members, or just a couple of them.

February 25, 2003

Sleater-Kinney for President

Saw Sleater-Kinney at the Metro, Sunday night. Damn it was amazing. Definitely the best show of 2003. Better than Zwan at the Metro a few weeks ago. Show mostly comprised of songs from One Beat and The Hot Rock. The only thing off of All Hands on the Bad One was You're No Rock & Roll Fun. That's okay with me since One Beat and The Hot Rock are mostly what I listen to anyway. The encore was great and long. I could just watch them jam for hours. Very great.

Also got my hair cut on Sunday.

January 20, 2003

The Get Up Kids for President

The Get Up Kids have further cemented themselves into the #1 spot of my all-time favorite bands. Tonight's show was just amazing. It was quite possibly their best show of all time. I don't know how it could get any better than this. I think if it did I wouldn't be able to take it and I would probably just burst into flames.

Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio fame began the night solo on acoustic guitar. He played a great set and it was very good timing since I have just started listening to Alkaline Trio. I know I know. It's especially bad of me to not have been listening to them all along since I used to work for Rotz Records back in 2000 before it went bankrupt. We even had AT posters all over our walls.

Next up was Coheed & Cambria which a lot of people in the audience apparently knew who they were by the applause they got and the fact that I saw a decent amount of people singing along. I on the other hand don't feel as if I was missing anything by not knowing of their existence. They didn't do anything for me at all. They just seemed like every other shitty band that is being put out by the music industry today that I could care less for. The music was decent and they played their instruments well, but something about them just rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe it was the mophead lead singer or just their all around we are just like every other stupid band vibe I got from them. They would make a great rush cover band though with mophead's voice.

All the pain and suffering I had to endure with Coheed & Cambria was soon rewarded though when TGUK hit the stage. This was an all new set list. It wasn't the scripted set of the last tour that opened with Let the Reigns Go Loose. The intro music was some kind of rap or hiphop that if I had to guess was probably from one of the Reggie and the Full Effect albums. I just started checking out RATFA so I will find out for sure soon enough. Anyway once they got on stage they went right into Holiday and oh damn was it great. They were very fired up and jumping around and just rocking out in that Get Up Kids way.

I was very excited when they played Up On The Roof since this was the first time that I actually knew the words and could sing along.

Further into the set, Jim and Matt said that the next song they were going to play was Woodson. They said that they had never played it here except perhaps a long time ago at the Fireside Bowl. They said it was the first song they ever wrote back when they were 18 and that it's all been down hill since. :-) It was just awesome to get to see them play Woodson. Not only is it the first song they ever wrote, but the Woodson EP was the first CD of theirs that I ever bought and listened to over and over again before buying all the rest of their stuff. There was a great energy when they played it and most of the crowd was singing along which was great to see for a song that I have never seen them play live and is not on any of their full length albums.

They also played three new songs at this show. At least I believe they were new. One of them was new for sure because Matt introduced at as such. He asked the crowd if anyone had remembered two years ago when they played the Vagrant America tour hear. I was there of course and yelled out as did a few others in the crowd. He said he was glad we remembered because he didn't. He said the next song was about not remembering that show. He said the name of the song, but unforunately I have already forgotten it.

Anne Arbour, Newfound Mass, and (Amy) Don't Hate Me were fantastic with the crowd participation. It just doesn't get any better than this.

They were really having a great time on stage all laughing and making wisecracks at each other. Ryan throwing his drum sticks at Matt and other such acts of love as those.

They closed out the set with an amazing and long version of Walking on a Wire which graces the number one spot for the most played song in my iTunes. Matt sang the extra lyrics as well. I still haven't figured exactly what they are. I'm pretty sure that last words of it are "shadows no longer follow me" or something like that. Well crap it's probably nothing like that. I tried to remember but have completely forgotten. Did a google search and I am coming up empty. Doesn't anyone know? Anyway it was just amazing watching them just play and play Walking on a Wire with Matt up against his amp, just leaning his guitar's bridge right into it making for some great feedback. Ending finally with James alone on a stage that is completely dark except for the spot light on him as he plays the closing piano keys. God I love being alive and in Chicago to experience their greatest show ever.

They came out for their encore and played Close to Me by the Cure which you can hear on Eudora. They then played Action v Action and Ten Minutes. Then closed with Hannah Hold On.

Just an all around fantastic set. I was saddened that they didn't play Valentine or Red Letter Day. Jenny, my sister-in-law, wished they had played Fall Semester, her favorite song. I'm sure everyone went away wishing they had played just one more song, but hey what can you expect when everyone one of their songs is so great to begin with? Just means you have to see them again the next time they come through town hoping they do play the songs they didn't last time. They did play Woodson, which to me alone was worth the price of admission.

Can't wait to see them all again when Reggie comes to Record Breakers in just under a month. Time will not pass quick enough.

October 20, 2002


Well I didn't make it to the Foo Fighters concert, but I did make it to see Dashboard Confessional at Congress Theater. I had never been to CT before. Why it's called the Congress Theater, yet it's on Milwaukee instead of Congress I'll never quite understand. Anyway the sound pretty much sucked. It's fairly large venue. Larger than the Riv. I'd say at least twice, maybe three times as big. The sound was terrible. It was way to loud. As much as I like to see Dashboard Confessional make it big, I don't like the side effects. One being the large venue. The last time I saw him it was at House of Blues (my second favorite place to see a show, Metro is #1). This show just wasn't as good compared to there. The other side effect are the stupid dumbasses that attend the concerts now. There was this group of like six 17-year olds drinking RedBull after RedBull while chain-smoking their youth away. They were dancing to the music like they were in a rap video or something. Picture how Eminem dances...that was them. I seriously wanted to push them off the balcony.

After the show, Hot Rod Circuit was hanging out by the merchandise, so I bought the album on vinyl and had it signed by all of them. sweeet!

October 19, 2002

12-bit audio

I video taped my brother's show at the Rock House Cafe. Taped it in 12-bit audio instead of 16-bit by accident so the sound is totally overloaded. The video should be decent anyway to be spliced in with other footage later.

October 16, 2002

barely able to keep my head above water

Was on Vagrant Records website tonight and saw that Dashboard Confessional is playing at Congress Theater on Saturday. Holy shit! How did that slip under my nose? Thankfully there were still tickets available so I snagged two. Just need to find someone to go with now. Best of all Hot Rod Circuit is playing too. I can't wait!!

Even before that though is my brother's show at the Rock House Cafe in Rolling Meadows on Friday night. His band is called Donner's Surprise Party. Hehe. They go on around 10 I think. Can't wait! This is my brother's first gig since Stuck On Chelsea broke up in 1995. It's also the first time I will get to see him play live since I saw No Clue playing in the Battle of the Bands at DePaul over a decade ago.

October 12, 2002

I'll miss you again David

So I didn't get tickets to see the Foo Fighters at the Metro next Saturday. The Zone is giving away tickets all week, but you have to listen between 8am-5pm so like I'm never listening to them during those hours. Crap!

October 11, 2002

You're No Rock-n-Roll Fun

Saw Sleater-Kinney play at the Metro. GODDAMNIT they were freakin amazing. It is just amazing when Carrie and Corin are singing back and forth at each other. I don't think there is another show like it anywhere else. They played the last song of the encore for like 20 minutes. I suppose maybe it could have been two songs back to back, but either way it was truly awesome. When they come to your town you better go fucking see them or I will never talk to you again.

December 04, 2000

I am the only Rock-Star left!

Sorry I have not updated in like forever. Lots and lots to talk about. Lots of shows to talk about! Pearl Jam, LBC, Swizzle Tree, and SMASHING PUMPKINS!!!! Apparently, I am the only one in the world sly enough to have bootlegged the Smashing Pumpkins last show ever. In order to celebrate, I created the site.

September 24, 2000

I am a Rock-Star

I updated the band page with some Pearl Jam mp3's from their second Boston show on their 1998 tour. This is a fabulous sounding bootleg. Almost as good as my recording of LBC at the Metro. ;-) So go there and download them. I saw the fabulous band Gooding last Tuesday who played after my buds Swizzle Tree at the Elbo Room. Had I known they were going to have such a fabulous performance, I would have recorded it. They definitely need to return to Chicago soon so I can get them on tape. Fabulous!! They were so awesome I bought their CD 3X at the show. I have never bought a CD at a show before. I talked to Gooding who is the leader of the band if it would be okay if I put some mp3s of the album on my website and he was all for it. Expect them soon in the Music section. Also I need to get some more mp3s of the Lucky Boys Metro show up as well. And I suppose some mp3s of their Last Fling show couldn't hurt either. As far as my Rock-Stardom goes, I received an email from nzaranti that reads: "Can I have your autograph? Do you have any old underware laying around? I can't stop thinking about you Paul!" It's always nice to hear from my fans. Just for you nzaranti, I signed the pair of underware that I wore when I went to the gym this afternoon, so I will be dropping them off in the mail for you on Monday. I hope this pleases you. I also got an email from Rain that reads: "Hey, what's up. I just picked up the One to the right MP3 off of the LBC web page. Excellent quality MP3 there man. I was wondering if you were planning on putting up the whole show on MP3 format." I will definitely be releasing more mp3s of that show and the Last Fling show to the Internet. After I confirm with the band if they would like the entire sets released or not, I will do as they wish. So that does it for this weekly edition of the happens in my Rock-Star life. You love me!

September 17, 2000

You love me!

According to my best friend Savannah, I am a total famous Rock-Star. But Paul, how did you get to be so famous? That's easy! In the September 15th edition of the news for Lucky Boys Confusion written by world class rock-star guitar player Adam Krier, I was mentioned. FAME! For posterity sake, I will quote it here: "Also some live songs from Metro and Last Fling courtesy of Paul." Total fame! In other news, this website was created tonight to celebrate my raise to fame and stardom. You love me!